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SGIM 2009 posters about CRP and comparison of coronary calcium with total plaque are, TPA.


Every body needs a Statin, a study suggests (Jupiter). However, Jupiter raises some questions. Knowledge of your patients CRP might not be likeli to change a risk category. Try it out here on our Reynolds calculator.

You will be astonished: increasing CRP leaves global risk virtually unchanged; further: if you manage to reduce CRP by 50%, e.g. from 4.0 to 2.0, you will have the same risk reduction when you manage to reduce total cholesterol e.g. from 7.0 mmol/l to 6.5 mmol/.


 So: all the effect of Statins on risk reduction are mainly driven by the reduction in total cholesterol and of course LDL-Cholesterol.


We instead suggest to treat subjects more aggressively with proven atherosclerosis as evidenced by imaging....  


What else does our calculator offer: you can immediately see, if guidelines would recommend an LDL-lowering drug and you can change different risk factors in order to weigh their relative importance to reduce global risk: for myocardial infarction and stroke! Try it out here !



Risk Calculators          
  Features the PROCAM, SCORE and REYNOLDS algorithm. Allows to directly compare results, to assess different outcomes (stroke included) and risk assessment up to the age of 75 years

Risk Algorithm Calculators 


  PROCAM serves as the pretest probability for the coronary posttest calculator based on atherosclerosis imaging of carotid arteries using the total plaque area, TPA (see

Coronary Posttest Calculator



  SCORE serves as the pretest probability for the vascular death posttest calculator and atherosclerosis imaging of carotid arteries using the total plaque area, TPA (see again


Vascular Death Posttest Calculator   
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SCOPRI is a scientific website of KARDIOLAB. Among other, it is exhibiting several experimental risk assessment tools that allow you to calculate your patients 10 year risk for vascular events.


Your questions can be addressed to


SCOPRI is generated by Michel Romanens and Franz Ackermann.


Thank You for Your visit


Michel Romanens, MD, Olten



Franz Ackermann, MD, Olten




We are currently seeking for scientific workers who might wish to collaborate with KARDIOLAB.  


Scientific Co-Workers and Adivosors are:


Michel Romanens, Olten, MD

Franz Ackermann, Olten, MD


The activities of SCOPRI, KARDIOLAB and VARIFO are payed in part by Michel Romanens, MD, and in part by the Foundation Vascular Risk Prediction VARIFO. Michel Romanens is the President of VARIFO.


We are deeply grateful to the Unigamma Foundation, Aarau, and the Thalmann Foundation, Olten. 



Dr. med. Michel Romanens

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SCOPRI was created in 2003 by F. Ackermann and M. Romanens. The website originally featured cardiovascular risk calculators. In 2007 it is transformed to a think tank for physicians and other medical staff that are interested in a scientific collaboration with us. We offer co-authorship for ongoing scientific work and publications. 

If you are interested in a collaboration, just send an email


Our goals are:

1. Improve cardiovascular risk prediction on a scientific base. 

2. Perform practice- and population-based cardiovascular risk assessment and outcome studies accepted by ethical committees.

3. Offer free risk assessment tools to subjects who otherwise would be missed to the medical attention on behalf of publicity and advertisements (local radio stations and newspapers), including psychosocial risk stratification tools




Brief News:


20.12.2008: New clinical risk calculator now available (link). It includes PROCAM, SCORE, PROCAM 2007 and REYNOLDS for men and women.


04.12.2008: first TPA Course held in Olten. The scientific and practicle base of TPA link is now well established.


01.11.2008: The Jupiter Trial is published. We were the scientific group who managed and selected the Jupiter Patients in Olten. The real importance of Jupiter for primary prevention of AMI is however debateable. More news on this topic will follow. 


Selected scientific activities of SCOPRI and KARDIOLAB in cardiovascular medicine: 


Read my Book chapter on Imaging as a Cardioascular Risk Marker (Atherosklerose -Prävention 2007, Editors: E. Battegay, G. Noseda, W.F.Riesen) link 


Study on posttest risk calculations


Cohort study on risk inherent to coronary calcified and carotid plaques


Coordinaton of the National Taskforce on atherosclerosis imaging


Principal Investigator of the Cordicare Programs of the Vascular Risk Foundation


Book about Bayes Theorem and other predictors in medicine

NEW FEATURES          
    ABI - sensitivity 16%  The ankle-arm index ABI has a very low sensitivity to detect 10 year event rates for stroke or myocardial infarction (pdf, xls)
    Radiation Risk What is the risk of radiation in relation to the benefit of performing a coronary calcium score? We have looked at this question and found remarkable results (pdf)
WHAT'S UP          
Study questions utility of calcium scoring in intermediate risk subjects only (pdf I bet one million that they missed the basket (american way to say); I bet you anything that they missed the point (english way to say)
In order to judge the value of a test: should we rely on ROC analysis or ODD ratios?   Nancy Cook was payed by the Reynolds foundation to write this article ....(pdf)



        Publication List Romanens on google scholar
Cardiovascular Medicine May 2005: Romanens, Berger, Battegay Predictive value of clinical
risk assessment tools
and guidelines for 10-year
coronary heart disease risk in practice-based primary care (pdf)
Cardiovascular Medicine April 2007: Romanens, Miserez, Ackermann, Riesen, Spence, Darioli  Imaging as a cardiovascular
risk modifier in primary care patients using predictor models
of the European and international
atherosclerosis societies (pdf)
Radiology Congress, Basel, June 2007 Poster on VOL, a new marker for vascular mortality and left ventricular ejection fraction (pdf

Agreement of Swiss-Adapted International and European Guidelines for the Assessment of Global Vascular Risk and for Lipid Lowering Interventions January 2009

In this study including subjects aged 45 years or more we observed low 10 year risk rates and low numbers for lipid lowering indications (pdf)
Statistics in Medicine exemplifications for cardiovascular and cancer risks (pdf)  
Risikofaktoren Update für die Praxis Heart Net Meeting vom 03.07.2008 (pdf)
Neue nicht-invasive kardiovaskuläre Untersuchungs-Methoden Schweiz. Gesellschaft für Innere Medizin, Jahreskongress, Lausanne 23. Mai 2008 (ppt, pdf)
PTCA or NOT ? A critical review on current evidence Cantonal Hospital Olten, 29th February 2008 (pdf)
Prevention summit at the Obach Clinic in Solothurn, 06. September 2007  Here are my slides as a pdf (about 2 Mb)
AGLA Meeting, 05.05.2007: view the programme here (pdf)


Presentation of some thougths about the taskforce on vascular risk prediction (ppt / pdf). This information does not necesserely reflect the point of view of the taskforce but are simply my views as the taskforces coordinator
Acute Coronary Syndromes HeartNet Meeting, 08.11.2007, Olten
Speaker in PADOVA, Italy, 14.10.2010 on how to assess the value of new risk factor

pdf  / zip

More Talks are available on